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The Seeker - Stained Glass Window at Northeon Forest. Crafted as a Group Project by the Northeon Forest Toronto Group in 1991.

This website is an attempt to share my experience and understanding of the practical and theoretical aspects of the Gurdjieff Work and related spiritual Traditions.

My primary influence was from Paul Beidler, a personal student of Gurdjieff's beginning in 1923 in Paris. Paul Beidler's search culminated in the founding of a school called Northeon Forest, near Easton, PA., which I attended from 1980 until Paul's death in 1998.

This website systematizes and expands on the teachings of Gurdjieff and his Legacy, as transmitted to me by Paul Beidler, as well as teachings transmitted through other students of Gurdjieff. This website has an extensive collection of Inner Work exercises, which may be explored and experienced further in our On-line Group or Fourth Way School.

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