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The worse the conditions of life the more productive the work, always provided you remember the Work.

Work Exercises - A guide to Making the Soul?

The Work consists of performing various exercises classified under the categories of the Two Sacred-Being-Partkdolg-Duties, Conscious Labor and Intentional Suffering, and the Five Being-Obligonian-Strivings, the key to which is the Holy Equation. (Священное уравнение)

The Holy Equation Exercise

The Fundamental Key To Inner Work

(Упражнение Священного Уравнения)

Five Being-Obligolnian-Striving Exercises

Five Strivings Exercises

(Fünf Obligolnischen Bemühungen)

Intentional Suffering Exercises

Intentional Suffering - Categories

Intentional Suffering - Affirmations

Heptachord of Suffering

(Упражнение «Гептаккорд страдания)

Enneachord of Suffering

Self Importance

Role Playing

(Упражнения по игре Роли)

Conscious Labor Exercises

All Conscious Labor exercises should be constructed such that all three centers are involved and working together towards the common Aim of achieving a state of All Brains Balanced Being Perception.

Sensing Movements (Движения)

Stop Exercise


Self Observation (Selbstbeobachtung)

Evoking Exercises

Self Remembering

Will Exercises



Meditation - Types


Breathing - Prana

Repetition - Mantra



Pondering (Aiëssirittoorassian Contemplation)

Work Programs

Work Programs - Sample Programs

Work Schedules - Template for a Daily Work Program

The Times for Work - How often should we Work on ourselves?

Work Group Organizational Structure


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